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Job Search January - Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to land a New Job?

You’re sitting on your veranda enjoying the sunset, pondering life. It’s been an incredibly relaxing hour that you wouldn’t normally have at this time of day, on a Monday. However, it’s the New Year’s public holiday, and after 1.5 weeks of rest and relaxation - you’re well and truly recuperated. One of the thousands of thoughts running through your head hooks you - it’s the prospect of returning to your job … tomorrow … next Monday … at all.

The thoughts of all the things you loathe about your current role come flooding in and your relaxation turns to reality. You’re facing the year ahead doing the same as you did last year.

January is one month of the year that sees a boost in recruitment. Businesses are preparing for the coming year, and as a result, job advertisements are highest at the start of each year.

January is also peak job hunting season, with people contemplating their year ahead and considering their options in life. It’s a key decision-making month with New Year’s resolutions at the forefront of ones mind and a ‘blank slate’ intention that motivates a person to make this a better year than the last.

There is a psychological process that goes into finding a new role, and different people find the process easier (or less daunting) than others. Lots of unexpected thoughts and feelings can emerge - fears, ideas of success and failure, preparation, procrastination, ‘good enough’ beliefs, courage and bravery.

Some people are quite relaxed and take a ‘whatever will be will be’ approach to job seeking, but if you truly despise your current role and you’re desperate to leave - the process can impact your well-being.

Here at Dream Gig, we’ve been there. We’ve been employees, employers, and business-owners (none of which are 100% easy, 100% of the time!). But we 100% GET the ease and/or struggle to make a dollar. Sometimes a new opportunity falls in your lap, other times you’re applying for 50+ roles without a single result.

The point we’d like to make this month is - Dare To Dream!

If you’re not yet ready to submit that first application - make some sort of a start. Even if it is simply an escape plan from your current role over the coming year.

Make a list of the things you need to do to land a new role. If it’s been a while since you’ve gone through the job search process, you may need a refresher in this department. Some items on your to do list may include:

  • Stay updated via Dream Gig - sign up for job alerts, register as a job seeker, subscribe to our e-News, follow us on our social networks.
  • Update your CV
  • Brush up on your job application skills
  • Upskill or reskill for your desired roles
  • Volunteer or network in the industry you’d like to work in to gain up-to-date knowledge and industry awareness (especially if you’re starting out, changing industry, or if you feel ‘out of touch’)
  • Start exploring current job advertisements for your dream role to find out what kind of candidate they’re looking for, and what you need to add to your repertoire for when you're ready to apply.
  • Find out more about being a Remote Worker - what skills are required; the home office setup you would need; what roles in your industry expect of remote workers; and weigh up if it is right for you.

We look forward to supporting you in your job search journey during January and beyond!