Auscam Freedom Project

At AusCam Freedom Project…

We want all girls, everywhere, to be free from trafficking and exploitation.

We support girls who have great potential but face great risk.

We empower girls with education, one girl at a time.

AusCam Freedom Project operates an innovative solution to trafficking and exploitation of girls in Cambodia. Through case management, educational support and empowerment programs, we are removing the barriers to graduation and true freedom for adolescent girls. It's a girl-centered prevention model that will build a measurable, lasting resistance to trafficking.

Our Mission

We end trafficking before it begins by protecting girls at high risk.

Our Vision

For all girls, everywhere, to be free from trafficking and exploitation

What we do

We identify girls at risk, ensure they stay in school, build their confidence, and create a protective environment.

How we do it

Through our four programs: social work, education, protection and empowerment