03 Nov, 2021

Client Services Director

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Full time Business Development Call Centre-Customer Service Executive Management

Job Description

We are looking for someone who will possess the leadership attributes required to successfully manage both the team and client relationships, as well as understand the strategies in a dynamic team.

We are a Digital Marketing and Analytics Enterprise and we are very good at Analytics, SEO, CRO, Data Science. Find out more about our services

Our motto: Traffic is nice. Revenue is better.

We have the most fun working in competitive environments and our primary sectors by revenue are online travel, technology SaaS, e-commerce, finance, education and many more.

We strive to be an extension of our client’s team and provide tailor-made, return-focused work.

We are picky about the clients we bring on-board and very protective of our reputation. We won’t engage with a firm unless we believe we can make a difference to their business and help them Get Stuff Done!

This keeps us focussed on taking exciting projects, which motivates us to bring the best of our game and build lasting relationships with our clients. 

We think the current agency model is broken and we really believe we can build a better alternative. But we need great people to help make this happen and that’s where you come in!

We are a bootstrapped company, we grew exponentially in the last few years and now seat 60 people working with us.

We are built to be remote from day 1, but if you want to say ‘Hello’, our office is 78 meters from the beach in Sydney. Make sure you bring your swimwear!

The Opportunity

The main responsibility of the Client Services Director is to maximise the business performance through optimal use of resources. 

We are looking for someone who will possess the leadership attributes required to successfully manage both the team and client relationships, as well as understand the strategies in adding roles to create efficiencies in their growing operation to help drive profitability.

You will manage, assess and improve existing initiatives, and devise new strategies to increase gross profit, drive sustainable client relationships and scale the business

The right candidate has digital agency experience working with digital mature clients including NASDAQ/ASX listed clients and mid-market enterprises. 

Individual Key Objectives

  1. Ensure a profitable, effective and scalable client service function
  2. Participate in the definition of strategic plans and ensure their implementation
  3. Lead the client services team (recruitment, training and management)
  4. Lead the day to day client service operations
  5. Ensure client satisfaction and quality standards for delivery
  6. Work with team leaders to design and execute digital marketing strategies in line with up to date industry standards
  7. Help the business win new accounts and growth opportunities with existing clients



  • Actively participate in the design and implementation of a sound client services plan; initiates improvements as necessary for high-quality succession planning at all levels of the organization.
  • Provide advice and recommendations to the business partners about business development, revenue opportunities, policies, procedures, etc.


  • Be in charge of the P&L for Cost of Service/Cost of Good Sold
  • Drive Gross Margin performance (absolute and %)
  • Reach Revenue and Profit Per FTE targets
  • Analyse financial statements, manage cash flow and establish controls to safeguard good financial management related to the delivery of services and Account Management

Team Management

  • Recruit, manage and develop your team members to form a cohesive team capable of delivering high-quality Digital Marketing work
  • Communicate performance expectations and support the team by building required competencies, providing feedback, managing behaviours and performance gaps.
  • Monitor individual & team performance and workload, address learning, development needs, and performance issues.

Client Management

  • Develop digital strategies focussed on growing our client’s business using a range of channels working together in coherent strategies
  • Develop/upgrade processes, templates and solutions to do our work better
  • Build pods / teams to match delivery and adjust based on performance
  • Ensure client retention and develop and foster a mutually-beneficial partnership between clients and In Marketing We Trust (IMWT)
  • Stay abreast of changes in the market, leverage this dynamic environment to create opportunities for IMWT and clients
  • Ensure the highest standards for services
  • Help the business win new accounts and growth opportunities with existing clients and new clients 

You might be a great fit if you have...

  • 10+ years in digital with a minimum of 3 years in a Leadership role
  • Experience managing an Agency P&L for delivery
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • A proven leader and talent developer
  • Cross-cultural management experience

The traits that we are looking for are...

  • A strong people person and ability to nurture a remote team
  • Fit the company culture
  • Experience managing activity in a remote working environment
  • Willingness and ability to engage in constructive debates and defend ideas

What we offer you

Career progression is based on your ability to deliver and drive ideas and results for both the client and the company, not your ability to play politics or by the cut of your suit (in fact, we have a no suit policy). 

A highly collaborative remote working environment, where teamwork is championed, and ideas shared - you will be someone who is unafraid of contributing ideas and happy to work as part of a remote team and in exchange for your hard work, we can give you a unique opportunity to shape and contribute to a flourishing business to achieve your lifestyle goals.

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