07 Nov, 2021

Account Director

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Full time Call Centre-Customer Service Management Marketing Sales

Job Description

We are looking for someone who will possess the leadership attributes required to successfully manage both the team and client relationships, as well as understand the strategies in a dynamic team.

We are a Digital Marketing and Analytics Enterprise and we are very good at Analytics, SEO, CRO, Data Science. Find out more about our services

Our motto: Traffic is nice. Revenue is better.

We have the most fun working in competitive environments and our primary sectors by revenue are online travel, technology SaaS, e-commerce, finance, education and many more.

We strive to be an extension of our client’s team and provide tailor-made, return-focused work.

We are picky about the clients we bring on-board and very protective of our reputation. We won’t engage with a firm unless we believe we can make a difference to their business and help them Get Stuff Done!

This keeps us focussed on taking exciting projects, which motivates us to bring the best of our game and build lasting relationships with our clients. 

We think the current agency model is broken and we really believe we can build a better alternative. But we need great people to help make this happen and that’s where you come in!

We are a bootstrapped company, we grew exponentially in the last few years and now seat 30 people working with us. 

The Opportunity

This role will be responsible for managing key client accounts, focusing on the relationship and results, and developing more strategic and in-depth relationships. This role will also be responsible for the onboarding, supporting and coaching of junior Account Managers.

Individual Key Objectives

  1. Retain and grow key accounts.
  2. Deliver projects on key (based on scale or strategic importance to IMWT) accounts.
  3. Support and coach junior members of the team, organising 1 on 1 support meetings, provide feedback on work and delivery. 

Functional Objectives

  1. Manage strategic/large accounts with digitally mature clients and meet their expectations, enabling potential growth of the account (through increased range of services provided or increase in scope of established services).
  2. Ensure financial performance.
  3. Ensure client satisfaction.


Client and strategic relationship management

  • Manage client budget and report on financial performance (recovery rate).
  • Manage commercial activity: contract, renewal, invoicing, aged receivable.
  • Manage and drive conversations around scope creep and expansion, negotiating appropriate levels of servicing (or increase in budgets to support additional servicing).
  • Manage and triage client escalations/issues, reducing reliance on the leadership team.
  • Focus and align work to strategic pillars and framework for each client ensuring that both the IMWT team and the client clearly understand the "why's" of what we do.
  • Prepare and run key client meetings: Quarterly business review, Monthly meeting, weekly status meeting.
  • Engage regularly (weekly) with client teams to understand internal dynamics and business priorities.
  • Create relationships across multiple layers of the client organisation (senior management, legal, tech, ops).
  • Build internal relationships with stream leads and head of functions to develop strategic capability and better sell in opportunities to clients.
  • Escalate sales and client growth opportunities to the leadership team and support/drive proposals to client decision-makers.
  • With appropriately scaled clients, delegate day to day running of accounts to junior pod leaders and manage quality control of their delivery, allowing the Account Director to focus on strategic direction (and any pertinent strategic projects).

   Project management

  • Update project management tool(s).
  • Run scheduled tasks.
  • Break down project scope and create tasks.
  • Liaise with the team on progress and completion.
  • Update team on progress, timeline and possible risks/roadblocks.
  • Respond/follow up with client requests and questions, ensuring timely communication.
  • Liaise with clients to provide a project update.
  • Update project performance metrics (both for IMWT, team and client).
  • Attend delivery meetings with clients, write+share notes from the meeting.
  • Prepare and run scrums.
  • Compile performance reports and share with relevant stakeholders.
  • Build pod to match delivery. Adjust based on performance.

Team development, onboarding and process reinforcement

  • Meet regularly with junior team members and provide feedback.
  • Assist/direct on complex tasks, with a focus on building team confidence.
  • Answer and coach team members on process-related enquiries.
  • Ensure process documentation and teaching approaches are up to date, consistent and align with best practices. 

You might be a great fit if you have…

  • At least 2 years of experience in a similar role
  • Digital Marketing and/or Digital Analytics experience
  • Excellent writing, editing, presentation abilities
  • Demonstrated problem solving and project management skills
  • Proven leadership experience (managing a team)

What success looks like for this role

The team doing their job correctly and is feeling confident and empowered to perform their work on a day-to-day basis.

  • The client accounts are profitable, while the clients are retained and satisfied, gaining a cNPS > 80.
  • Increase in opportunities brought back to the leadership team for account growth.
  • Each team member knows what their personal utilisation will be 80 days in advance.
  • The team is empowered to work on new tasks thanks to a well-maintained knowledge management system and company culture to refer back to.

What we offer you

Having been on an epic international journey since 2010, we are a trusted digital marketing and analytics agency tackling complex challenges, with a key focus on the travel and hospitality industries.

IMWT has a proven track record of delivering powerful results for some of the best-known brands in the world. We measure, understand, grow and optimise our clients’ businesses.

Our entirely remote, diverse, coffee-mad team is full of geeky, professional, passionate and fun-loving people.

At IMWT we always remain true to our core beliefs and we look to connect with individuals capable of inspiring others, whether as part of our workforce, our clients’ teams or the broader community.

If you feel like working in an agency with a high-performance start-up atmosphere, want to work from wherever suits you best and you care about what you do, we might be the right kind of workplace for you.

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