17 Nov, 2021

Marketing Manager

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Full time Management Marketing

Job Description

We're on the lookout for our very first Marketing Manager! Although we're four and half years young, we haven't had a full time dedicated Marketing Manager - until now.

Every company says it, but Yarno’s a pretty great place to work. Our team is on the constant pursuit of learning, growth and self-development. We push each other to take on new challenges, we give each other feedback courageously and constructively, and we simply just enjoy each other’s company.

What is Yarno, though?

We're a remote learning platform, that helps medium to large businesses quickly upskill staff who work remotely. We work with leading brands such as Woolworths, TAL Insurance, Nestle Professional and Super Retail Group (Supercheap Auto, Rebel, BCF and Macpac). And we're shortlisted for the 2021 Megatrans Event Best Technology Application Award.

Our vision is to create fast and smart hyperlearning organisations. These are organisations who can adapt and thrive in changing circumstances, just like the ones we've all experienced in the past few months. They see learning as a valuable way to respond to change, support their people and help them grow.

And how do we do that?

With a web app, of course! Yarno is mobile based learning software for the modern worker – people that don’t have the time for days-long seminars, or to click through elearning modules. Who want learning that fits into their schedule as a simple, enjoyable and valuable part of their day – in the form of a 5 minute daily quiz.

But Yarno isn’t just an app – we provide full learning consultancy for our customers by developing content and strategy that encourages meaningful change and embeds quality knowledge.

So, who are we looking for to join the team?

The short answer:

Someone who knows how to craft a story for an audience, with the aim of creating interest and building trust.

The longer answer:

Someone who is personable, friendly, enthusiastic and approachable. A person who can grow with Yarno as we further build our presence in our core target market, and guide our approach to how we market ourselves along the way.

We hear so often from our customers that what they love most about working with us is how refreshing, and how easy it is to work with a group of people who are genuine, reliable, and want nothing but to see positive change in their businesses – and that we don’t take ourselves too seriously!

We also require you to like any or all of the following:

  • Arrested Development
  • The Office
  • Ali G
  • The Simpsons
  • South Park

(Well, it’s not a strict requirement, but it is looked upon favourably)

Some details about the role:

The core mission of the Marketing Manager is to tell the Yarno story to our target audience with the aim of creating leads. We think Seth Godin explains it best when he says that marketing is the generous act of helping someone solve a problem. We see Sales and Marketing as part of the one team, working towards a common goal to generate quality leads that result in delighted long term customers.

You believe that to market effectively you have to understand the audience - the change they’re hoping to make, their hopes, their fears and where they hang out. You’ll be enthusiastic about creating and shaping a story that speaks to their world view. And evolving it over time.

You enjoy researching marketing best practice, and will be comfortable in experimenting with ideas. You’ll produce clear and concise documentation and artefacts explaining who our target audience is, and the stories that we want to share with them. And then, importantly, you’ll be excited to share these with the wider Yarno team to gain their buy-in.

You’ll be familiar with a variety of channels and mediums with which to reach our audience. These may be social, events, webinars, video, podcasts, blog posts etc. You're especially knowledgeable about LinkedIn (which is our most successful marketing channel at the moment) and have used it in the past to market to your target audience. You’ll help craft, review and approve our email comms and marketing site and landing page content.

You're right at home juggling both strategic and tactical elements of the role, sometimes in the same breath! Since we're a young, growing business we move quickly so you'll be comfortable coming up with an idea, researching how it could be done, defining what success looks like and how we'll measure it, and then going for it. You have a strong ability to tie marketing projects to business objectives and believe that marketing can be a driver of sales.

You'll have a strong ability to crunch data and tell a story off the back of it. There are a million things we could be tracking marketing wise (including plenty of vanity metrics) but we believe the trick is to identify the few that are meaningful and give the greatest bang for their buck. Regularly reporting on and sharing these and the results of campaigns and experiments with the wider team is a valuable way to engage them and receive feedback and collaborate.

You'll be constantly balancing the desire to do ALL THE THINGS, whilst acknowledging that you only have the energy, time and resources to do one or two things really well (don't worry, we're all in the same boat!). The ability to prioritise what you and the Marketing team work on is a skill that comes naturally to you, with support from the wider team.

At Yarno we believe great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. This can mean you receive a lot of ideas about things we could be doing! You'll use your empathetic nature to seek to understand and dig into each idea, and then filter it against Marketing's objectives and capabilities.

You’ll be responsible for collaborating with all Yarno teams, to ensure there’s consistency in how we communicate Yarno to our audience. You’ll work closely with the Head of Sales and the MD, along with the Customer Success and Product teams to ensure there’s consistency in both the story we’re telling our audience, and also in how we’re telling it. Attention to detail comes naturally to you, as well as a keen eye for design, and you’ll invest energy and effort in ensuring that all communication is checked and double checked before it goes out.

You'll organise regular post-mortems to review how a particular campaign went, what we can learn and what we'll do differently in the future. If we're not failing then we're not trying hard enough! But just as important is learning from the times when things don't go to plan. And you'll regularly communicate to the wider team on Marketing's objectives, achievements and learnings.

Now, onto some specifics… 

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Is super organised and autonomous,
  • Is a fantastic communicator,
  • Has a keen eye for design,
  • Is enthusiastic and loves to do great work,
  • Is happy working anywhere - at home, a cafe, a coworking space etc (we're currently all working fully remotely!)
  • Is comfortable giving and receiving feedback,
  • Is at ease engaging a group and leading conversations,
  • Is confident running meetings, usually virtually on Zoom or on the phone,
  • Is great at explaining detailed information in a simple way,
  • Is committed to digging in with team mates and our target audience to understand their needs and how they define value,
  • Has a strong meme/gif game,
  • Can quote The Office/Simpsons/Ali G etc,
  • And is most of all – dependable.

Experience you say...

Hopefully you're nodding as you read through these:

  • Experience planning, executing and iterating marketing campaigns at pace
  • Since Yarno is a digital product, you will need digital experience
  • Experience driving growth in B2B marketing
  • Experience with video scripting, editing and shooting is a nice to have
  • Experience working in a business of between 5 - 50 people
  • Experimental and analytical approach to marketing campaigns
  • Experience defining and presenting key marketing and business metrics to marketing and wider teams
  • Experience managing marketing comms across a variety of channels
  • Experience keeping people and projects on time and on budget
  • Ability to edit visual marketing collateral as required (Photoshop or Pixelmator is a plus)
  • Experience with tools such as Google Optimiser, Google Analytics, Adroll, Asana, Sketch, Slack

Some other things that might entice you:

  • We're currently working fully remotely, with no immediate plans to return to an office. Pre-covid we all worked from home a few days a week, so it hasn't been a significant change for us. Though we do regularly catchup in person and we all just spent a day together in-person for our quarterly strategy session (catching up over lunch and dinner was lovely!).
  • We regularly run team lunch and learns and workshops on how to give and receive feedback, address customer concerns and resolve conflict. These are informative and fun!
  • We love to share learning – we use our own software to learn and refresh knowledge, run regular pechakuchas and lunch and learns, share new books we’ve read, and skills we’ve mastered.
  • We share team lunches and do other fun things like eat Korean fried chicken (or tofu, if that’s your jam) and go to karaoke, to celebrate occasions and Yarno milestones.
  • We celebrate business wins as a team - we've played lawn bowls, gone indoor rock-climbing, and successfully escaped from an escape room.
  • We're experimenting with self managed teams, which means a flat hierarchy and giving Yarnoers autonomy and ownership over how they spend their time and the decisions they make. All business financials are shared for context.
  • We offer two Doona days a year (one for part-timers) - these are for days when you're mentally just not feeling it, and would prefer to stay under the doona. No questions asked.x

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