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Dream Gig is an Australia exclusive Remote Work platform dedicated to promoting genuine Remote Work (RW) | Work From Home (WFH) | Work Anywhere (WA) and virtual employment opportunities to job seekers eligible to work in Australia.

We are Australian owned and operated, and we are passionate about being a positive member of the Australian labour hire market.

We are focused on connecting quality candidates with employers that are either Australian-based, or multinational companies that are permitted to hire within Australia | are an Australian legal entity.

We Believe That Finding Remote Work in Australia Should Not Be Difficult

We know that finding remote work in Australia is a challenge - the job search process takes a lot of valuable time!

For Job Seekers

We make the remote work job search process easy. Looking for remote jobs on other job search sites can bring up geographically remote roles in rural Australia, FIFO roles, scams, MLM's, and hybrid employment opportunities (with a few days WFH each week - nice perk, but not true 'Remote Work')

We Believe In Connecting Remote Employers With Remote Workers


For Employers

We provide a gateway to remote-willing job seekers eligible to work in Australia. When you're looking for the next addition to your Remote Team, you want that process to be as easy as possible. Advertising on traditional and mainstream job platforms can cause your remote role to get lost in the crowd. Some platforms don't differentiate remote roles from hybrid or in-house arrangements, causing confusion for applicants. Targeting remote-willing candidates directly, and partnering with us to promote your role to broader networks, enables you to narrow your candidate search specifically to those who are keen to work from home.

What type of employment arrangements are on Dream Gig?

Our focus is on listing employment opportunities that offer work arrangements that can be described as:
  • Remote Work
  • Work From Home
  • Work From Anywhere | Work Anywhere
  • Hybrid Arrangements (predominantly remote)
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Virtual Opportunities
  • Location Agnostic


Our Vision




PLEASE NOTE: By using the Dream Gig job portal, it is expected that Job Seekers undertake their own due diligence to verify employment conditions and arrangements directly with the employer/recruitment agency. Remote Work employment conditions and arrangements vary between individual organisations and roles. In this regard, please do what you would usually do when negotiating a new role - read the job listing/description, contact the HR/Recruitment team to ask questions at any stage of the application process, and look at what you are agreeing to before you commit!

Please contact us if you believe a job listing is not genuine (e.g. spam or scam!) - and we will look into this ASAP!


I’m Rachel, and I’m the founder of Dream Gig.

I started working on Dream Gig in 2019, although the idea was bubbling away a decade earlier when I started my own journey to work from home.

If anything positive came from the pandemic, it's that the secret came out to the wider society about the possibilities of Remote Work! A lot of roles, especially those involving a desk, computer and phone, could be completed virtually anywhere!

Dream Gig has been an incredible mixing pot of my personal, career and business journey. I had always wanted to develop something that empowers people to live their best life possible, to support people to achieve work-life harmony, and to improve the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of others. I believe that Remote Work enables this.

As the full vision is rolled out, I invite you to join Dream Gig at any stage of your Remote Work journey as an employer or an employee.

Please send in your feedback, your ideas, and let me know what you need. Dream Gig is heavily guided by the needs of Remote Workers and Employers & Recruiters - because I know how hard it is to find genuine remote roles, and remote keen candidates!

Rach xo



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We are connected with a range of business partners and affiliates that offer relevant products and services to our platform users.



We are an Associate Member of the RCSA and comply with their Code of Professional Conduct.

The Recruitment, Consulting & Staffing Association (RCSA) is the peak body for the recruitment, staffing & workforce solutions industry across
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