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Dream Gig is a job board dedicated to promoting genuine Remote Work (RW) | Work From Home (WFH) | Work Anywhere (WA) and virtual employment opportunities to job seekers eligible to work in Australia.

We are Australian owned and operated, and we are passionate about being a positive member of the Australian labour hire market.

We are focused on connecting quality candidates with employers that are either Australian-based, or multinational companies that adhere to Australian taxation and workplace legislation | are an Australian legal entity.


We know that finding remote work in Australia is a challenge - we've been there! Read our Founder's story (coming soon!).
We make the remote work job search process easy. Looking for remote jobs on other sites can bring up geographically remote roles in rural Australia, FIFO roles, scams, MLM's, and employment opportunities that are offering a few days WFH (which is a nice perk, but that's not what is globally accepted as 'Remote Work').


We ensure all of our registered job seekers are eligible to work in Australia*, and we also ensure that all of our job listings fit our criteria from an employer perspective, as well as from a remote work perspective*.
* While we undertake preliminary screening of all job seeker and employer/recruiter accounts to ensure they meet our criteria, people tell fibs! Please contact us in the event that someone has provided false information in this regard, and we will promptly address the matter.

What type of employment arrangements will you find?

Our focus is on listing employment opportunities that offer work arrangements that can be described as:
  • Remote Work
  • Work From Home
  • Work From Anywhere | Work Anywhere
  • Hybrid Arrangements (predominantly remote)
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Virtual Opportunities
  • Location Agnostic




PLEASE NOTE: As with all employment, conditions and arrangements vary. We have attempted to steer away from Hybrid Models and roles that are location specific because they don't fit our 'Remote Work' criteria. However, from time-to-time some employers do like to see employees F2F - whether it be for a conference, training, an annual visit to head office, etc. In this regard, please do what you would usually do when negotiating a new role - read the job listing/description, contact the HR/Recruitment team to ask questions at any stage of the application process, and look at what you are agreeing to before you commit!

Please contact us if you believe a job listing is not genuine (e.g. spam or scam!) - and we will look into this ASAP!