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We have a pool of remote-willing candidates, that are eligible to work in Australia, waiting to fill remote roles. We also actively recruit talent and showcase remote-friendly workplaces in Australia to our existing audience and beyond.

 We offer a range of options to promote your brand and remote roles. For the best approach to recruit Remote Talent for your WFH employment opportunity, book a consultation so we can tailor a bespoke strategy.

Our experience in attracting Talent for the Dream Gig platform and community indicates that we are one piece in a broad recruitment & workforce puzzle, and we have refined how to target and engage remote-willing Job Seekers since we began in 2020.

Depending on which promotional package and strategy you choose, your opportunity and your brand can reach a wide range of active and passive job seekers extending well beyond our talent pool.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

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How To List A Job With Dream Gig

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- We accept third party feeds - please contact us to discuss this further -

Employer/Recruiter access to our platform is included for you to self-manage your job listings and gain access to additional features to track and manage applications.

Standard Job Listing

What's included:

  • 1 x Job Listing on the Dream Gig Job Board until the role is filled*
    • Upload your copy, logo, banners, images, video, hyperlinks & files (e.g. Position Descriptions)
  • Desktop & Mobile compatible
  • 'Apply Now' will either enable candidates to apply via your application site (URL redirection) or via email
  • Don't have your own ATS? No problem! You can use our Application Portal (see below for full details on what's included)
  • Choose up to 5 Industry Categories to reach your target candidates
  • Automatic inclusion in the Dream Gig Remote Work job alert email
  • Promotion Package [Find Out More]
  • Manage your listing, company profile & candidate applications

* We know how busy you are! You will receive an email every 30 days as a reminder to remove or continue the job listing. This is to ensure that we don't have expired/filled listings on our Job Board.


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All of the inclusions of our Standard Listing PLUS:

  • ‘Featured Job’ – your job listing will be highlighted and pinned to the top* of our job listings on our home page, searches, and for each category it is listed in.
  • Promotion Package [Find out more]

 * Please note – placement is automatic


Featured Employer & Job Listing

Your Job Listing AND your Company will be featured. This is great exposure for your business as a remote employer!

All of the perks of our Featured Listing PLUS:

  • ‘Featured Employer’ – your company profile will be listed on the front page of the Dream Gig website, as well as our employer directory listing (for the duration of your job listing).

 * Please note – featured placement is automatic.


Standard Job Listing - Unlimited Package [12 Month Access]

Unlimited Standard Job Listings for a WHOLE YEAR!

Access your self-managed Employer Account to manage all of your job listings & applications.

The Employer Dashboard provides the necessary tools to manage posted jobs, view applications, site analytics, and manage profile settings.

Create a branded Company Profile page that includes your logo, company information, website, images, videos, and all active jobs posted. This can be a useful tool to attract more applicants.

Our “kanban” style Applicant Tracking Board simplifies the categorisation of applications by hiring status. This tool allows you to access candidate information, contact applicants, and insert notes for each application.

Choose to receive applications by email, or redirect applicants to an existing URL to complete the application process. We offer third party integrations with your current recruitment software. We have already partnered with a number of major software providers, and we can arrange an integration with yours!

Save time adding multiple jobs with XML feeds, file uploads, or integration with your job posting software.

Contact us to arrange a Demo or discuss your needs!


  • 12 Months Access to our Talent Profile Directory to Tap Into Talent across Australia (Offer available until 30 June 2024)

Featured Job Listing & Company Profile - Unlimited Package [12 Month Access]

Includes all of the perks of the Standard Job Listing Unlimited Package

+++ Unlimited Featured Job Listings for a WHOLE YEAR!



  • 12 Months Access to our Talent Profile Directory to Tap Into Talent across Australia (Offer available until 30 June 2024)

Bespoke Promotion & Marketing

Don't let your job vacancy stagnate on traditional Job Boards, getting pushed further and further down the list.

Let's discuss creative and clever ways to get you and your jobs in front of passive & active talent!

We're ready to think outside of the box - are you!

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Job Listing Eligibility

Please specify the Remote Work (RW) / Work From Home (WFH) arrangement within your Job Listing.

If unclear, we will be in touch with you to clarify.

We are a niche job board - any job listings that do not meet this criteria will not be approved.


  • Upfront and unambiguous Job Listings
  • Workplace arrangements & expectations clearly outlined
  • Unambiguous RW/WFH policies
  • Remuneration Stated
  • Contact Details of Hiring Manager or Career/HR Team disclosed

All listings on Dream Gig are genuine opportunities for applicants eligible to work in Australia.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidates eligible to work in Australia [we publish listings accepting overseas/sponsorship applicants, but all listings must be open to AU candidates)
  • Clear Remote Work/WFH conditions and/or expectations outlined (eg Travel, on-site requirements etc)
  • Remote Work / WFH at least 95%+ i.e. no more than 1/month office attendance. Circa 90% 1/fortnight considered
  • No ambiguous 'flexible arrangements' or 'WFH flexibility' Job Listings
  • Clearly specify if your role is restricted to a geographical location (eg territory, state, region, city etc)
  • Clearly specify onsite/travel expectations
  • Clearly specify if WFH is being considered for the right candidate only [i.e. not guaranteed for all candidates]
  • Hybrid roles are NOT accepted [i.e. office attendance required 1+ days/week]
  • Leniency permitted for occupations where fieldwork/travel is expected (eg Sales, Executive, C-Level, Technicians etc) - please specify expectations in your Job Listing
  • Location-anywhere roles are now being considered [i.e. For organisations open to employees working at any office/site or coworking space with predominantly WFH arrangements] - please specify expectations in your Job Listing
  • We do not accept MLM, pyramid schemes, scams etc.
  • You must be an entity that is permitted to hire in Australia. Conditions of employment regarding hiring jurisdiction must be outlined. Employers will be screened and further verification may be required
  • We respectfully request that you refrain from submitting Job Listings for Talent Pools and roles that don’t have a current opening. We are happy to promote your Talent Pool and EOI opportunities to our community separate from our Job Board - please reach out to discuss promotion and marketing options.

Our Guarantee

We are committed to providing the best platform in Australia for recruiters & employers to fill 'Remote Work' employment vacancies - we take our role as a job board very seriously.

If your position is not filled during the initial advertisement period (30 days), extensions of that listing will continue until you find a suitable candidate.

You will receive an email prior to the expiration of your listing to arrange an extension, or feel free to contact us.

*Prices shown are inclusive of GST